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The ASICT division initially served as a Statistical Section of the Agricultural Economics Division of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) since 2007. Afterward, the section worked as a new name titled “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) section under the Training and Communication Wing up to February 18, 2008. Once more, BARI authority changed this section to Agricultural Statistics and Information & Communication Technology (ASICT) Section by issuing an order on 19th February 2008. Finally, the ASICT section had been updated to a new division as per the decision of the 49th Board of Management meeting of BARI on 9th April 2012. Currently, the division performs its activities under the Training and Communication Wing of BARI.

ASICT division comprises two parts: Agricultural Statistics and ICT. The division is headed by a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) who is assisted by a number of Senior Scientific Officers (SSO), Scientific Officers (SO), System Analyst, Programmer, Assistant Programmer, Assistant Maintenance Engineer, and supporting staff. Concerned scientists of both parts conduct different types of researches relevant to Agricultural Statistics and ICT. In addition, the scientists of both parts are providing agricultural statistics and ICT-related support services to BARI scientists in order to facilitate agricultural research and development. However, ASICT is constantly keeping its vital role for BARI as a whole.