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Soil Science Division

BARI Head office, Gazipur


Soil Science Division  of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute consists of four Sections for  rendering physical ,chemical , micro-nutritional and microbiological aspects of soil management research as one  of the biggest reference laboratories of the country. Each section has its own mandates of research activies done independently and/or in coordination. The following activities are generally done by different section. 

Soil physics

Soli physical section is the pioneer body of soil physical Research in Bangladesh which performs pivotal role in maintaining congenial physical properties of soil.The majior thrusts of physical  aspects  of soil management research are conservation tillage for better tilth and root proliferation, assessment of crop water requirement using lysimeter and development of irrigation scheduling, crop residue  management for soil moisture conservation and organic carbon retention. This section is also working for the management of problem soils ( saline , drought prone, coarse textured, hard pan, poorly drained etc). Another spectrum of resesrchable issue is the management of hill soils erosion for sustaining crop yield and soil fertility.   

Soil Chemistry

Soil Chemistry Section deals with the management of soil fertility depletion nutritional disorders since the establishment of BARI. This Section is currently woking for soil fertility improvment and organic matter enrichment throughh IPNS and INM systems of crop cultivation, organic composting through waste management towards improving soil health and crop production and also updating national fertilizer recommendation guide through extensive field trials.

Soil Micronutrient

For the maintenance of soil health and sustain agricultural productivity of the country. Soil Micronutrient Section is devoted to updating micronutrient fertilizer recommendation for responsive crops, cropping patterns, flowers, fruits and assessment of residual effects. The section also deals with evaluation of micronutrient deficiencies in soil through laboratory studies, assessment of heavy metal pollution in soil-plant-water system under industrially polluted and intensively vegetable growing areas, arsenic dynamics in soil plant water system and development of mitigation measures.

Soil Microbiology

Soil Microbiology Section deals with the microbiological aspects of soil management. Currently this section is involved in preparing rhizobial biofertilizers for all kinds of pulse and oil seed legume crops including saline tolerant rhizobium biofertilizer for soybean and groundnut for coastal areas of Bangladesh. Research work on Mycorrhiza, Azotobacter, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria are also going on in this section.