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About Seed Technology Division


Seed is the most critical input for crop production. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) is conducting research on a wide variety of crops, such as tuber crops, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, spices, fruits, flower crops etc. Seed Technology Division is one of the most important divisions of BARI headed by a Chief Scientific Officer. It is conducting seed technological research of BARI mandated crops under seed production management, seed storage management, hybrid seed management, documentation programs for developing technologies under favorable and unfavorable ecosystem addressing climate change. The research work is emphasized on various national issues such as National 5th Year Plan, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), Perspective Plan 2040, Delta Plan 2100, etc. Quality seed production and distribution are also important mandate of this division. In addition to research, this division is involved in technology transfer activities such as technology demonstration, training, workshop, field day, etc. This division helps BARI authority regarding national seed coordination and policy issues.